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  Farmakol BronhoBalm - balsam

Support for colds and flu

  Farmakol Dermapip Unimast - ointment

PROTECTS + CALMS + RESTORES Ointment with allantoin, propolis, and beeswax for home and professional care!

  Farmakol Kardiopip capsules

COOPERATION! The results of a research project and doctoral study of a pharmacist at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb.

  Farmakol Nasopip spray

Breathing through my nose!


Young Croats surveyed on their opinion of the best products and services

The Millennial generation considers the PIP brand to be the quality leader for honey in Croatia!


10 HDA

Royal jelly, also called the queen of all bee products, is a treasure trove of nutrients and energy for the human body.

Seasonal allergies and PIP Apitherapy!

Allergies are an indication of the improper functioning of the immune system. In a healthy body, our antibodies protect us from viruses, bacterial and infections.

Farmakol - the innovative line!

An innovative line of products to strengthen the immunity!