Young Croats surveyed on their opinion of the best products and services

News   |   autor: PIP   |   01.09.2017.

The Millennial generation considers the PIP brand to be the quality leader for honey in Croatia!

PIP stands side by side with Mercedes, Croatia Insurance, Gavrilović, Gorenje and many other excellent brands!

As part of a survey conducted by the Swiss company ICERTIAS in June 2017 on a sample of 1200 young Croats aged 18 to 37 years, i.e. one of the most prominent consumer groups today, the Millennial generation selected the PIP brand as the brand offering the highest level of quality in the category Honey.

Participants in the online survey responded to open-ended questions, without offered responses. When asked:
“List the name of a honey manufacturer that based on your personal experience or the experiences of those close to you, offers the highest level of quality on the Croatian market,” they responded that PIP was the brand they trusted most. (Digital Quality Certificate)

A satisfied customer is our greatest value, and we would like to thank this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their confidence and loyalty.