Quality system

A satisfied customer is our greatest reward!

Our slogans are:

“Everything for beekeeping – everything from bees”

“Between diet and pharmacy”

We continually monitor all our honey, honey products, honey-based liqueurs and other products, produced or procured for sale to ensure their premium quality and safety.

We aim to achieve product compliance and the satisfaction of our customers and all other interested parties through the application of the integrated quality management and food safety system. Our integrated quality management system is based on the criteria of the ISO 22000 and IFS standards.

Aware of our position and responsibility in the food chain, we established the integrated quality management and food safety system so that our employees have the following obligations at all levels:

  • meeting customer requirements and needs,
  • responsible approach to the environment to ensure the elimination or reduction of all negative impacts,
  • abiding by laws and bylaws,
  • through personal and ethical responsibility, to care about our products and to improve the integrated management system
  • to ensure sustainability of all system segments,
  • to ensure the quality, safety and harmlessness of products,
  • to ensure own hygiene and the hygiene of work areas,
  • to act in accordance with the established procedures and assigned responsibilities,
  • to continually improve the efficacy of all activities and business processes.

All processes and departments within the company PIP have specifically defined objectives, and their achievement contributes to the improvement of the system. The objectives are defined annually and are listed in the Annual Plan for the Integrated Management System.

The company management regularly confirm the annual objectives, which leads to the achievement of the vision, mission and integrated management system policies outlined here.

Integrated management system policy PIP

Director Domagoj Bračić, 26 June 2018, r2