Coffeemed - honey sweetner for coffee and milk

Coffee lovers, take a healthy step forward with Coffeemed in your coffee!! And that's that!

Annually, Croats drink more than 200 truckloads of sugar in their coffee.

4 reasons to choose Coffeemed:

  • doesn´t alter coffee flavour
  • 20% fewer calories
  • biologically active components
  • natural product

Coffeemed abounds with biologically active components, unlike crystal sugar, which contains only "empty calories".
Tha caloric value of Coffeemed is about 20% less than the same quantity of sugar (16kcal/5g, while crystal sugar has 20kcal/5g). To achieve the same level of sweetness, less Coffeemed is required than sugar. Statistics say that Croats are among the most obese nations and annually, Croats drink more than 200 truckloads of sugar in their coffee.
Coffee drinkers that drink two cups a day therefore have 700 reasons to make a healthier choice about their coffee.

Coffeemed perfectly blends with the flavour of coffee and does not alter it.

PET 350g, 40 packet x 5g

Sales locations:

  • PIP stores (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, ńĆepin)
  • Konzum d.d. (Hiper, Super)
  • Vrutak
  • Metro
    Caffee bars where you can order coffee with Coffeemed: 
  • Leggiero caffe bar, Zagreb (Arena centar, Savica, Ravnice)
  • Caffe bar Forum, Sesvete
  • Caffe bar Gold, Zagreb (Av. Dubrava 2)

Flyer Coffeemed (pdf, 733 kB)