Creamy organic honey

News   |   autor: PIP   |   13.01.2016.

Creamy organic honey can be used as a spread for bread, toast or on crepes.

For those who want to live a healthy life, it can be a dessert, an addition to your morning smoothie, or just for something sweet like a candy.

Creamy organic honey comes in four different flavours:
-    Creamy honey
-    Creamy honey with ginger and lemon juice
-    Creamy honey with cinnamon
-    Creamy honey with cocoa.

The production process for creamy honey is performed under controlled conditions. Liquid honey is crystallised in order to achieve the creamy structure of the honey. With crystallization, honey does not change its natural composition or properties.

With the addition of natural ingredients, creamy honey receives an interesting flavour, with something for everyone.

Honey and cinnamon together have strong antioxidant properties, and their combination strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion, eases nausea and bloating, and raises energy levels.

The synergy of action between honey, lemon and ginger helps to combat the common cold, alleviate the symptoms of viral infections, and reduce infections in the body.

Cocoa helps to regulate blood pressure, stimulates memory and concentration, reduces stress and depression, and it effects are enhanced in combination with honey.

Organic honey is produced via a certified method that tracks the entire process, from the position of hives in areas of organic honey-bearing plants, to the method of beekeeping using exclusively natural materials.

This production method requires a great deal more effort, knowledge and time.

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