Pursuing health the natural way!

Education   |   autor: PIP   |   18.01.2018.

We trust the flying pharmacists, the bees, who do most of the work. Our part is simply to prepare and adapt their products for your use. As we do so, we take special care to intervene as little as possible, to not ruin anything, as we certainly cannot improve on perfection.
Who intervenes the least, has the best product.

The flying pharmacists do not produce medicinal products, that would be degrading for them. Their products are natural and should remain that way, their products have pharmacological, metabolic and immunological effects, while medicinal products do not.
The Apitherapy PIP products, part of the specially innovative Farmakol product line, are complementary to conventional medicine. Consult your doctor and pharmacists, as together we know more.

Pursuing health the natural way!

Yours, PIP