Honey in the honeycomb for the hotel industry

Acacia honey in the honeycomb on a stand.

Honeycomb honey has an excellent flavour due to the presence of various compounds, such as essential oils, trace levels of propolis, pollen grains and wax. Chewing on honeycomb is recommended for throat and sinus infections, and also helps to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Honeycomb honey is completely sterile, and young honeycomb is rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin A. Chewing honeycomb honey also helps to prevent colds and various allergies. Honeycomb honey is produced only in large honeybee colonies, in good plant pastures that gives a lighter honey with a slower crystallization rate, most often acacia and sage.

The honeycomb is essentially the bee’s home, and the place where the bees bring back the food – nectar, pollen and propolis. Honeycomb honey is the most original form of honey, as it has not been spun. Due to its composition, the medicinal properties and fullness of flavour, it is not only recommended by beekeepers, but also by pharmacists and phytotherapists.


Acacia honey in the honeycomb

One comb is about 2.7 kg.

Additional information
Minimum order 3 combs
We also offer an adequate serving stand for breakfast, with wooden honey spoons.
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