Energypip - More natural energy

Honey, guarana and acerola for new freshness!

Who needs refreshments: athletes, drivers, students, managers.
Are you tired and sleepy? Are you travelling, studyng, working out? Do you need an energy boost - right now?

Energypip - energises, restores strength and boosts your concentration.

Dissolve complete contents of packet in mouth and swallow gradually. Up to three packets per day is the recommended dose.

Contains caffeine (333 mg/100 g). Not recommended for children or pregnant women.

Mixed honey, dry extract of guarana, dry extract of acerola, herbal extracts, orange flavouring

3x 12g

Sales locations:

  • dm
  • pharmacies
  • Intersport
  • Easy Going Store (Arena centar)
  • Run & trek (Kaptol centar)
  • PIP stores (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Čepin)