Pipa the Bee, Get to know me

Calendar   |   autor: PIP   |   17.04.2015.

The company PIP presented an educational picture book about bees and bee products at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum.

Zagreb, 16 September 2016.

“The great philosopher, scientist and physicist Albert Einstein once said, ‘If the bees disappear, so will the humans’. This forms the basis for the business activities of the company PIP in our stances towards bees. To date, we have published four expert books on beekeeping, and now we present our educational children’s picture book Pipa the Bee, Get to Know Me,” said Ivan Bračić, author of the picture book, representative of the publisher and founder of the company PIP d.o.o. at the presentation of the picture book intended for children from preschool to the early primary school years.

The author’s intent was to create an educational guide for children and their parents about the many benefits of bees and bee products for human health. The objective is to raise the level of responsibility of the entire community with regard to bees. The best way to achieve this is to communicate with children in their earliest years.

The author, Ivan Bračić, compared the population of bees with humans, stressing that there is no democracy among bees. The queen bee is boss - she rules the matriarchy, and each bee has its own role. We can all learn about work, order and discipline from the bees.

At the book presentation, Markita Franulić, director of the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and senior curator Krešimir Bašić addressed those present on behalf of the museum, and thanked PIP for its many years of successful cooperation and care of the museum bee collection (the only living museum collection) in the Apiary, which has been a part of the Agriculture section since 1994. The Apiary consists of three glass hives containing live bees, allowing visitors to view the life and work of the bee community.

Every hive has a passageway connecting it to the outdoors, enabling the bees to go out into nature to collect pollen and nectar.

Illustrator of the picture book, Zrinka Ostović, said that she became completely absorbed in the project, and only met the author at the presentation. Regardless of the fact that all their communications were conducted via telephone and email, she believes that she has successfully incorporated his ideas into the illustrations. Given the success of this first picture book, she looks forward to continuing their work together on the next one.

At PIP, they believe that the picture book and its word and illustrations will have a strong positive effect on children and adults, who can learn so much about the hard-working bees and their products.

The picture book will be distributed to preschools, schools, children’s associations, hospitals and certain pharmacies.