Spring without spring fatigues with PIP apitherapy!

News   |   autor: PIP   |   16.04.2015.

Are you chronically tired and lacking energy? The most common cause is spring fatigue!

In the transitional period between two seasons, we feel tired and exhausted, and this is most pronounced in the transition between winter and spring. Lack of energy, sleepiness, irritability, lack of concentration, drop in immunity, lack of interest in work and learning. These are all symptoms of spring fatigue.

During this period, the body needs to adapt quickly and needs to additional support the immune system. Energy comes from the basic foods we eat every day, though sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we cannot obtain all the vitamins and minerals we need from our diet in order for the body to adapt to the change in season.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement that can effectively combat spring fatigue.

Which product to choose?

Products containing vitamins and minerals, in general, will help you when feeling fatigued, emotional tension and stress. For the best results against spring fatigue, look for products containing vitamin C, in addition to the vitamin B complex and iron, and the minerals selenium and zinc, both of which boost the immune system.

Iron is essential

In combatting spring fatigue and a weakened immune system, iron is an important element. This is a mineral that the human body cannot synthesize on its own, and it is essential for normal body functioning. It forms a part of the cells in the body and is a mediator in numerous physiological processes. As part of the haemoglobin molecule, it binds oxygen from the lungs and transports it throughout the body.

Iron is an integral part of numerous enzymes that the body uses to break down and digest food, and it also plays a role in many cell activities. An increased need for iron, a reduced iron intake, and iron absorption disorders are the most common causes for iron deficiencies.

Even before developing anaemia, people with low iron levels can experience a wide range of ailments (fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, reduced immunity, depression, hair loss, nail breakage, etc.), and some of these symptoms are identical to those of spring fatigue. In order to improve your health, it is necessary to ensure your diet is supplemented with preparations that can supplement low iron levels.

The proper approach to natural iron supplementation therapy is an even intake of small bioavailable doses of iron, nutrients and oligoelements. Natural iron complexes are best absorbed by the body, and therefore, it is necessary to include natural ingredients in the treatment.

Most iron in our diet comes in the form of trivalent iron, which first must be reduced to bivalent iron in order to be absorbed. Vitamin C contributes to this reduction of iron, thus improving its absorption.

Feropip, a honey syrup from the Farmakol line, with added iron(II)fumarate, which helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and it also contains vitamin C and concentrated chokeberry juice, which abounds in vitamins C and P, ensuring better use of iron. Honeydew is the base of the syrup, and it stimulates and facilitates iron absorption, and also contains a number of vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in honey and chokeberry juice give added value to this syrup.

Royal jelly is an excellent combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients that everyone needs. It contains a true wealth of health stimulating compounds, and is recommended to improve the feeling of exhaustion, lack of energy or motivation.

Royal jelly ampoules 1400 mg for adults from the Farmakol line
For adults with weakened immunity, for rapid recovery and natural improvement of the mental and physical condition. Ampoules contain royal jelly and the microelements copper and selenium, which contribute to normal immune functioning. Rejuvenates energy stores, retains vitality and mental and physical strength. Acts as a natural biostimulator and antioxidant, regenerates cells and slows the aging process.

PIP Royal jelly ampoules 500 mg Junior
Ampoules contain fresh royal jelly which naturally contain vitamin C and iron, and raises the general body condition and stimulates iron absorption. Ampoules also contain vitamin C from natural sources (acerola), and vitamin D and vitamin B complex, which strengthens the immune system, strengthens bones and teeth, stimulates proper growth and development and reduces fatigue.

Imunalpip plus, syrup from the Farmakol line
A honey-propolis syrup intended for strengthening the immune system, increasing strength and vitality. In addition to honey and propolis, the syrup contains royal jelly, natural concentrated chokeberry juice, and vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to boosting the weakened immune system due to stress and increased physical and mental strain.

Imunalpip plus has a completely natural composition, produced in accordance with the highest production standards, and contains no alcohol, added sugar or sweeteners, or preservatives.

Caffeine is not always bad

Caffeine is often considered to be the bad guy. If we consume too much, it can lead to the mimicking of stress reactions in the body: shakes, irritability and hyperactivity. However, when taken in its natural form in the recommended doses, it will keep the body awake and alert.

Energypip – more energy in a natural way, with honey, guarana and vitamin C from acerola.
Natural caffeine from guarana, the active ingredient in Energypip, is released slowly in the body, ensuring continuous energy production over several hours (about 6 hours), which is what differentiates the activity of caffeine in coffee from the caffeine in guarana.

Stimulates the central nervous system, stimulates greater blood flow in the brain, and increases the secretion of the important neurotransmitter serotonin, strengthens physical and mental capacity, naturally maintains alertness, and gives the body a pleasant feeling of strength and satisfaction.

Another active ingredient in Energypip is vitamin C from natural sources, which contributes to reduced fatigue and exhaustion. Honey, in addition to all other known benefits, also acts to quickly transport all compounds to the cells of the body.